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le romantisme


feel the aesthetic experience of romanticism era. some essential tracks that reflects the struggle of imagination and reality, culture and nature, life and death including Franz Liszt, Ralph Vaughan Williams, Hector Berlioz...

*cover by Caspar David Friedrich. View of a Harbour (1815-1816)

12 tracks
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This one is just so beautifully curated! I love that you end with a touch of drama and epic, but throughout the mix there is still a restrained and beautiful emotion to the music. I also love that you included Schubert's La Truite :) I'm sure nothing has ever sounded so much like splashing water and rippling fish than that movement from that delightful quintet.

I like your parallel with a splashing water! my personal assosiation with romanticism is something like a forest or an odor, but it is possible that it inspired by Friedrich or even Edgar Allan Poe. thanks for such beautiful comments! really glad you enjoyed them.