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for false kings, strong queens and their beliefs. special eclectic collection that was inspired by one of the best tragedies and theatrical adaptations as well.

It will have blood; they say, blood will have blood:
Stones have been known to move and trees to speak...

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*cover by Blake Gardner and Hemisphere

26 tracks
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You know this is my favourite mix ever. First i have heard it in february and i still love it! i love Macbeth and ancient & medieval history so much and i'm so in when i listen to this mix. Thank you so much for this job, you are and your mixes are amazing! Btw, i want you so much to create some mix about medieval kings and queens, i think it will be amazing ✿◕‿◕✿ 

I'm following you because I love your combination of classical, medieval, nouveau medieval, soundtracks and Celtic music- and this particular mix is superb!! adding it to another of my faves. Thank you so much!

The combination classical and others is truly my way! This is one of the most weird mixes I've ever did, so I really like you enjoyed it! Many thanks for your brilliant comments and following as well. Have a nice day!

Macbeth! What a wonderful idea for a mix. I've always wanted to do some Shakespeare-themed mixes (I've been thinking of Othello, my personal favourite); but anyway this is great - a perfect combination of Scottish elements with epic and more dark and brooding themes very fitting to the masterpiece play.

I guess it should be some really great addition to this mix! Macbeth is the most darkest Shakespeare tragedy, but at the same time very powerful thing with many ways of interpretation. I like how Kenneth Branagh embodied the image of paranoic person that was infected by power. I couldn't find more tracks to transfer the atmosphere but still I decided not to continue this unbearable process of making the ideal mix. thanks and waiting for your personal Shakespeare fanmix. it must be something unique and magical!