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Medieval World


The ultimate medieval collection (with some new age, celtic and soundtrack influence) for long hours of studying, reading (perfect for historical or fantasy novels like A Song of Ice and Fire) and relaxing under the eternal sun.

part 2
part 3

100 tracks
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Hey there man. So im just bumping an old message once agai. I qualified in my studies and moved abroad shortly after.I am now changing peoples lives and helping them reach their dreams. As i listen to this mix and the other 2 medieval world mixes it just reminds me of how far i have come and how i honestly would not have been able to complete my studies without your playlist....This music and your compilations in general evoke bold courage and hope in me during times where i feel weak...So just to let you know buddy i still listen and i still feel every bit as successful as the day i found these lists. Take good care and may you be blessed! Kind regards Raymond Burger In Dubai from South Africa twenty three

@kmysko no problem buddy! I have just started my next degree! To be honest with you my friend all i could think of is delving into the fantasy world you brought me into three years ago when my amazing journey started. I have now since my qualification moved to Dubai worked hard here to become independent and i now own my business, in between all this your playlists have been a fundamental piece of my story. Finally here i go, once more into the Frey! Thank you my friend! keep them coming

This is absolutely beautiful and gives me goosebumps every. single. time. Something about the choice of songs makes it really special :)

I just love medieval music, and this beautiful mix is pretty amazing! Thanks a lot. Looking forward to listening to parts 2 and 3! :D