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medieval world III


the last part of ultimate medieval collection (with some new age, celtic and soundtrack influence) for long hours of studying, reading (perfect for historical or fantasy novels like A Song of Ice and Fire) and relaxing under the eternal sun. maybe the most dreamy part!

part 1
part 2

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these mixes are magical. i'm listening to them at work and it doesn't seem quite so annoying. excellent!

Fantastic playlist! I was looking for a sort of inspiration for the medieval book I'm writing, and oh my gosh this is it! Wrote three chapters while listening to these! Amazing!

This is the most perfect playlist for my studies, it really makes me feel like I'm connecting with the authors I'm reading. Thank you for making this and all your others, I will be listening to your mixes from now on anytime I have to study!

Great! It makes me think of these times when life was simple, stress-free and centered around God and the immagination. It makes me think at what degree did all the advances in science and technology help humankind and in what degree did they rob it from living a happy life.