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Meditative Fantasy


The current mix collects the most meditative fantasy tracks from my collections + many new tracks, which make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Traditionally, I have blended game soundtracks, epic film music, and medieval tunes.

*Cover The Twins by Michael Kormack

32 tracks
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Just a quick note of thanks -- been listening since feb 2011 and have always enjoyed your playlists -- have copied few of the favourites to spotify -- thank you for providing me with such great music to listen to.

Wonderful mix! Perfect for this lawyer who writes long motions on Saturday mornings. :) Love the Ancient Hero song by John Williams, but I can't find it anywhere! Not on spotify or itunes! Any tips where I could find this track?

Great to see another quality kmysko fantasy mix! They've been an integral part of my education over the last 4 years and as it's all getting over now, I just want to thank you for that! The Virgin Queen in 2014, From past to present in 2015, Kai's plan B in 2016, Frostfall in 2017... (no particular order, these were just my favorites that I found from here)