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middle road


one more essential selection of medieval, folk, new age and ambient tunes for studying medieval or renaissance culture. their road was longer than they expected.

*cover by G F Watts from a window at Freshwater

22 tracks
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This is such a beautiful playlist! Currently listening while I'm doing my makeup and gearing up in medieval costume, and it is perfect! Haha. Well done!

I keep coming back to this playlist now for at least 2 years. I enjoy it immensely, as well as several of your other playlists. Simply amazing; thank you for the awesome music!

For the past few days I've been living off of this playlist! I've fallen asleep to it, woken up to it, written, drawn, and even showered while listening to it! It has made me feel the most beautiful peace, my mind is taken away from all the fatuous things of my everyday life! I absolutely love it! Thank you!

i really enjoy the classical-and-earlier side of your mixes. the sound carries a lovely texture that encourages my mind to burrow deep into whatever i'm working on.

it's funny how quickly my ear tunes to the sound of period instruments and sounds--and how easily it distinguishes the modern pieces that feel inspired by the early works. it's not unpleasant at all--just enough to help restore conscious focus to the music so that i'm prompted to check the play list and learn.


glad you liked this side cause it has sense for me! thanks for your impressions in these picturesque details. some things have really surprised me (...and how easily it distinguishes the modern pieces that feel inspired by the early works - agree with you)! thank you very much.

Another great mix ! Really love Behind Walls of Stones, this is the kind of music that really make me feel inspired. Another great discovery from your mixes, thanks a lot !

yes, it's one of the main theme in my mix Game of Thrones I, but I also shared it here because absolutely sure that this story should have start with Behind Walls of Stones. and you've catched the idea! thanks for listening. and yeah, don't really like David Arkenstone music but his The Celtic Book of Days has very special mood and perfect sound.