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Morning Walking


Some really nice classical tunes for your quiet morning walking. Eclectic relax mix including Alexander Scriabin, Maurice Ravel and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

*cover by Gustave Caillebotte. Jour de pluie à Paris (1877)

22 tracks
7 comments on Morning Walking

You begin with such a favourite of mine, Respighi ♥
I really like that version of Pachelbel's canon, the violin sound is very sweet and light.
This is a very leisurely and uplifting collection for a perfect morning!

yeah, Respighi is a genious one. like this version. truly epic style. and I dream to make some ideal classsical collection for mornings! and many thanks for comment.

so it turns out that walking music is also good for spring i went through drawers and closets to winnow out stuff i didn't need any more, the odd bits and pieces evoked memories that swayed gently in the music... and i wondered if rooting through your music collection didn't give you a similar pleasure. a collection of sprites and other fantastic creatures...each waiting for you to call them out to dance...

many thanks for a lovely accompaniment to such a mundane task (^_^)