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now is a time for carving


slow and calm music for those long winter evenings including Arvo Pärt, Bill Frisell and Peter Gabriel.

the name of mix was taken from Ezra Pound's poem "A Pact"

*cover by René Magritte. Philosopher's Lamp (1936)

13 tracks
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This is one of my favorite mixes on here, I love love love to draw or read or relax while listening -- it's calm, which remaining interesting and motivating. Thanks so much!

I have truly found my collection of ambient 8track mixers. This is superb to illustrate to, the mood translates into my work excellently. Thank you!

many thanks for listening and you words! glad you discovered something new. I guess it's one of the most interesting thing that makes 8tracks really useful for expanding our aesthetic tastes.

Hello kmysko, I listened twice to your nice and peaceful mix. Special mention to Arvo Pärt and to the french guitarist-improvisor Noël Akchoté.
Of course, loved also the Magritte' surrealist picture :). I just visited the Magritte Museum last month and the little house in Brussels where he lived from 1930 to 1954 and painted more than half of his works.
Thank you for your beautiful mixes and choices for artworks and happy new musical year !

Sabine, thank you a lot! As usual so glad to hear your thankful words and I appreciate it. I guess Arvo Pärt is one of the greatest composers of the century. I felt in love in Noël Akchoté improvisation and had never known that France has this hero! Just amazing playing guitar.
It is my little dream to visit the Magritte Museum. My friend also visited his museum at the beginning of last spring and presented me a huge album of Magritte art. Thus, I have a little piece of museum in my library ;)
Thank you one more time and have a quiet and comfortable year!

This was a really refreshing start to 2nd January for me. Just when I thought I had what I wanted you come along and put my bank balance for 2012 at risk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks, I'm glad to hear such nice words at the beginning of the year. I hope you'll start to discover more and more great sounds from this mix!