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ours is the fury


finally the next part of epic collection! these 30 tracks are combined according to the third book and coming season as well, but it can also be a good background for reading the whole cycle of Songs of Ice & Fire.

winter is coming
fire and blood
hear my roar
family duty honor

28 tracks
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this is so good! i'm listening to this while studying and i can just imagine the scenes in my head and it just fits so perfectly! brilliant, thank you so much for this!

This mix is furiously brilliant. I feel very deerly about it. I love how stag-nant the songs' feel are. You know, I might even pay a buck for this mix. Yup, some might even say it makes me horny.

I think if someone had paid for this mix, it would not have been so good. for me there is no better fee than someone's joy. therefore, you can be sure that you have paid a buck >

thank you so much! I can't wait for the next season. one more reason of my impatience is that I do really love the third book. this is the best part for sure! and the most tragic and depressive.