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This is the first part of my special post classical collection. classical music from the end of XXth century: avant-garde, minimalism, neoclassical...
Great for intellectual meditation and extremal focusing.

All music is an acquired taste; no music is everywhere beloved. Alex Ross.

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I could do without the pretentiousness, theres already enough self-satisfaction and snobbery in the classical world - indeed it's what many of these modern composers are trying to escape. This is a fantastic mix of songs tho..

yeah, absolutely agree! at the same time classical music requires a special approach and mood. anyway, this mix is mostly connect to alternative classical, rather traditional . thanks for listening!

Listening was my pleasure! But naaaah, Max Richter inspires similar reactions in me to Machine Head; and that Maya Beisser track (thanks for introducing me to her btw) prompts the same response as much Blackmill. There's nothing separating classical composers and listeners from other composers and listeners other than the instruments.

There is a complex beauty to this kind of music that fascinates me. It is often aloof and challenging but it is also intriguing. It demands thought and understanding from the listener. In terms of using this as a study mix, I've been seriously productive since the moment the mix started! I think it helps the brain stay really engaged and active. Anyway, I'm always in admiration of your knowledge of contemporary classical.

that's really good you liked it! the main idea was to combine some really chill modern tracks with radical composers (well, I decided not to include very hard Xenakis or Feldman tracks). this music also helps me for writing thesis or some articles.
many many thanks for your words! I'm appreciate it so much! hope you'll do some classical mixes. love your way of creating!

Yes I think you did a good job of combining more accessible with more experimental sounds. :) I'm definitely working on some new classical mixes, coming soon!