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Rainy Castles


Little portion of medieval music when it rains every day outside your comfortable place. Stories and legends will be told near the big fire, with charming melodies and heroic rhythms.

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5 comments on Rainy Castles

well here in less-than-magical washington, dc, i'm not quite in a castle...but with pouring down rain, i'm definitely connecting with the music. it's odd, but i've always felt that some places are the rain. i mean seattle--it's a beautiful city at any time, i think...but when i've seen it in the rain, it develops an air of if the rain washes off its rough edges...lets the lights inside shine warmer...and makes food taste better.

i wonder if you see music the same way? that certain airs only come into their own in the muted atmosphere of the rain?

I'm not sure that I have the same feeling or impression, but you've amazingly described the way of seeing such things! on the one hand I have the same strategy of listening, but from the other i can't predict how I'll combine the impressions and images. anyway, glad to read you! many thanks for your words.