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secrets of rococo


one of the most elegant and enigmatic periods in european culture that was grown on flashy contrasts. also there're a lot of secrets and codes.

some rococo/late baroque tracks including Francois Couperin, Antoine Forqueray, Jean-Philippe Rameau will give you a key for better understandinf the rocaille style of life. and some surprise in the end!

*cover by Falconet. Amour menaçant

15 tracks
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This really captures the soft lines, pastel colours and curvatures of the rococo style.. I am obsessed with Rameau! And I do think something in my heart breaks and sings at the same time whenever I hear Bruno Coulais' incredible 'Les Choristes' soundtrack.

Jean-Philippe Rameau is one of the best baroque composres ever! and a very interesting person (you can read about him in Le Neveu de Rameau by Diderot). as for Les Choristes, I have the similar feeling. nostalgic, melancholic and at the same time light feeling.

wow...that was quite an unexpected surprise--but not an unwelcome one! sent me scurrying to flip back to my browser to figure out if i was losing it or something (^_^)

many thanks, as usual, for all your great work to upload these play lists...they are a real treat...flecks of brilliant color for the ears...

wulf, thank you too for your sincere and unusual comments. always nice to hear and to read your impressions! I really like to share this kind of music.