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silence is my second language


mostly melancholical, but at the same time airy, dreamy and multifaceted 25 tracks for all of you who loves listening instead of talking. many unusual composers and artists including David Lang, Balanescu Quartet and Elliott Carter.

What we cannot speak about we must pass over in silence.
~Ludwig Wittgenstein

*cover by Andrew Wyeth. Two if by Sea (1995)

25 tracks
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Very good. It proves that it's not enough to know the songs. You have to select the suitable ones for the mix and put them in an interesting order.

Even in virtual reality world is so small.. I've just joined 8tracks, by SabineWe and found your profile also.. :).. Just in correct time.. Synergy always wins.. Thanks for this mix.. ;)

that's true! I'm glad to know that you found my profile and the 8tracks as well. the best moments of our life are happening in time. thanks you too. have a nice journey with all these beatiful mixes on 8tracks. just enjoy ;)

Well.. I think also that I will come back later to listen again this mix. I liked very much the works by: Federico Durand, People Like Us and Fausto Romitelli. Loved that you included the cooperation of Adham Shaikh with Tim Floyd! Adham Shaikh is one of my favorite psychill artists! Another sweet surprise, The Dead Texan. They are featured at Christina's Vantzou No1 Remixes that we discussed yesterday... :)))

Second time I listen to your beautiful mix. So nice to hear some favs as Balanescu Quartet... but enjoyed very much many new artists as Bohren & der Club of Gore or Colleen and Erkki-Sven Tüür.
I had a lot of work to check all the new Lastfm-profiles and have now a big program of new listening.☺
Thank you as always for such beautiful music.☆❃✲

second time for this long mix - it's great! I'm glad to know that you discovered some new artists especially Colleen and Erkki-Sven Tüür. thank you so much for listening. have a nice day! ☆

so true, it's masterpiece! I don't really like movie but still can't stop listening to this perfect ost. one more wonderful Abel Korzeniowski work is "An Angel in Cracow" - the same mood and tone.

Yeah I've never seen the movie but Abel Korzeniowski is an amazing composer. I will have to check out An Angel In Cracow.
Seriously this whole mix is incredible. You've introduced me to new music and some artists that I love showed up - DJ Krush was such a lovely surprise. The Zen album is wonderful. And Clogs was a great discovery! I love the National but I had never heard of Clogs, now I've bought that album and enjoying it very much.
Thank you for the beautiful, beautiful mix.

thanks a lot for your listening and words! it's really nice to hear that you so accurately felt this mix. great! DJ Krush is very talanted artist but I can't accept all his stuff. I loke only some his tracks and it's absolutely enough for me.
I don't even known that Clogs can be compared with The National but I catched your idea and it has sense. I'm sure that you've bought their Lantern!

Yeah The National and Clogs don't have a very similar sound but Matt Berninger of The National has been involved with Clogs, which is why I make the connection (and was surprised I hadn't heard of them before). Yes I've bought the Lantern, fantastic listening. Thank you again for this mix!

Ah I think the two main members of Clogs were also in The National as well. Interesting because they do have such a different sound but you can hear the influences. Talented musicians can be so varied in their musical styles. By the way I've bought the David Lang from this mix as well - what a fascinating piece of music, his Little Match Girl Passion!

after your connection I looked at some photos and really recognized Matt with other members of Clogs. I like how describes them: "When Clogs formed they were an oddball classical ensemble in indie rock clothing. Today, however, they’re at the forefront of a scene including friends in groups The Books, Rachel’s, and Bell Orchestre". as for me, I do really like such open-minded bands that easily can maneuver from one style to another (all their albums are different!). so don't be surprised if you meet various tags in the same field like contemporary classical, minimalism, post-rock, folk, experimental, chamber music...)
and David words, only pure and magic beaty. my personal favorite composer for last month.
thanks you again and again for comments, listening, discovering.