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space odyssey


very special collection for your personal cosmic battles and journeys. perfect for studying and reading sci-fi novels as well. many tracks are taken from known films such as Blade Runner, Tron, The Fountain + ambient, post-rock and modern classical tracks for better sleeping.

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*cover by Paul X. Johnson

27 tracks
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For a second, I thought I was on another planet shooting shit up with lazers & blowing it up into cosmic dust...

Then I realized I was just in my cubicle combing through spreadsheets. Good stuff my man, love oblivion.

Thanks, & stay golden (literally, all of your playlists are gold)

many thanks for your words! I also love this mix and very appreciate that someone can feel the same mood in this space traveling (with lazers & blowing it up into cosmic dust). and oblivion track partly inspired me to create this mix. great song!

thanks, I will try! and don't miss the second part