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universe symphonies

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I love this cover photo - do you know what building it was taken of? And this Gorecki!! Why don't I listen to him more? Simply, breathtaking.

sorry, I haven't mentioned it under this mix. it's Gustav Klimt’s Old Italy Designs for the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien. I wish I could buy his all works published by Taschen. great edition and great price

as for mix, I have to make some very long orchestral classical mix, but it's not very good idea. such mixes are very hard for listening (and making as well) and I'm not sure that it's right to cut symphonies. Henryk Górecki is a very powerful composer with different works, mostly with strong spiritual filler. his Symphony No. 3 gives me a feeling of peace and belief in God, angels and heaven (very similiar as Arvo Pärt's Spiegel im Spiegel effects). so many words! anyway, I'm really glad that you appreciated his masterpiece.