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We Are Ready to Fight


The smell of smoke and rough silence. You must acute rusty swords and collect scattered arrows. The main battle just ahead.

An epic fantasy/soundtrack mix with relaxing instrumental interludes for a new study session.

*cover from the poster of "The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"

35 tracks
6 comments on We Are Ready to Fight

Powerful and beautiful! I love that you started with the Rohan theme, it gets my blood stirring in my veins every time I hear it and I become so nostalgic. Lovely contrasts of soft/atmospheric and epic tracks. Excellent stuff!

@Idril Thank you a lot! You're absolutely right, I always combine soft and epic tracks in order to create a multifarious musical landscape. As for Conan, I can't control myself when I'm listening to these two atmospheric themes. I want to add them in every fantasy/epic mix! They're so powerful and motivative! Also remember your earliest Barbarian mixes ;)

@Idril I agree. the Theology - Civilization piece has been one of my favorite tracks from Conan ( and in music) since I was like 3 no kidding, I will never tire of it!

@Kaiju8 3 year old, seriously? Conan is also a very blazing episode from my childhood, but I was near 12 or something when first saw it. Gosh, that episode with a transformation into a snake head was a horribly beautiful!