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Wings of Belief


Homage to one of the best artists in the world. His imagination has no borders, no time limits, so there is an attempt to pick up music for this world.

*cover by Jean Moebius Giraud

10 tracks
8 comments on Wings of Belief

You delighted us with some unexpected and wonderful music , I am the watch, what will be next? You deserve a break, I get it, but how long for a kwysko playlist! We miss man!

@roy chantal Dear friends, I have couple of mixes for publishing. Please, wait a little more! There will be one more exclusive portion of mixes ;)

Magical, the Joe Hisaishi piece from Nausicaa is just stunning. Also Moebius is one of my favorite artists, your cover drew me in and the music wrapped it's arms around me, love this!

@Kaiju8 Thank you! Joe Hisaishi is a pure genius with perfect feeling of Miyazaki style. I know, this a kinda weird idea to make Moebius mix, but I decided to make it in any way.