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winter is coming


large collection of atmospheric, epic and unforgettable 30 tracks for all of you who loves G. Martin's novels and the HBO show as well. I hope it will be a lovely music for rereading/reimagining the whole cycle!

fire and blood
ours is the fury
hear my roar
family duty honor

29 tracks
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I'm starting to thoroughly enjoy this mix. I've tried to study with instrumental folk, indie and classical mixes, but this one is by far the most outstanding.

@Idril Omg, I did this mix three years ago, can't believe! I'm full of nostalgia now. And I'm so proud to know that you like to listen to these mixes. I also have some your non-stop mixes, such as The Realm of Fantasy, Top Instrumentals, An Ancient Legend and many many others ;)

I'm loving so many of your mixes! I'd favorited you several weeks ago and am just thrilled at how many mixes you've made- I'm especially grooving on your GoT and Tolkien-centric mixes. Thank you so very much for taking the time to put these thoughtful collections together. <3

@kjl.thistledown Thank you so much! I really appreciate your comment and it inspires to do some new themes, not to stop anyway. Yeah, it needs some time but after reading thankful and sincere comments I forget about everything :)