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Falling Asleep to the Thoughts of You


It's okay. There will just be those days and nights when I miss you more than I should. Here are some songs that keep me company. They remind me of you even if we haven't listened to all of these together. I'll be saving these songs for when you return.

  • 蘇打綠【我好想你】 by Robbie Wu
  • 오늘 (Black Sky) by 에피톤 프로젝트(Epitone Project)
  • 녹여줘 by 루시아
  • 너를 [Thank Your Soul] by 브라운아이드소울(Brown Eyed Soul)
  • NOEL(노을) _ Being Forgotten (잊혀진다는 거) by ghoul bij
  • What Should I Do (OST Boys over flowers) by 가다 Ghada
  • 코끝에 겨울 by 어반 자카파
  • 그리고, 남겨진 것들 by Nell
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