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you are really nice. spit in my mouth.


happy valentines day i kno we arnt together or anything but idk id feel weird if i didnt do something so this is like Casual or whtevr no big deal. i only have like 4 notes for listening to this though.
1) not every part of every song is how i feel Like sometimes only certain verses or segments of songs relate but whatever just dont take some stuff seriously idk
2.) im not big on the actual song itself but i realy lov the lyrics to Come 2 Me
3.) Part y Police will always remind me of you idk why but that song has always stuck to me
4.) its an hour and 28 minutes long, and i know thats a lot to ask for you to pay attention to this but out of 25 songs i think youd like the last 3 a alot. but totally the last 2 for sure, but the most important song is the last 1 :-)

25 tracks
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