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c owch op coop

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okay so I'm not sure what I was taking about it's been so long, but u think(theres also an alternate one) it's 'The Forest (Fire In Our Bones) ' by bowtieseleven on AO3. The other one is about space but it's really good and isn't about this playlist it's called 'carbon prevails' by sleepyvan on AO3. the other zombie one has to be related to the playlist 'Good night 'til it be Morrow' which is a playlist and fix on AO3. hope that helps! it's been so long I'm not sure what I was talking about!!

Hey, this is kinda weird but I saw you had commented on a playlist called "Look What Happened" which is a novahd playlist and saw you commented that it was a fic, but I've searched absolutely everywhere and can't find it. Do you have a link to it by any chance? Thank you!!

@ParadiseInMySleep alright i was trying to do this on my phone, but the next message on my cowchop playlist should clear some things up hopefully! I just wasnt really sure myself about it ha! But I hope some of the titles work alright for you!