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too perfect to be alloromantic


okay, so we slytherins are wonderful in every way, but come on. it's not like it's actually our fault we're 110% perfect datemate material and also on the aromantic spectrum, right?? right!

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It wont show all songs. It shows only 6 and then jumps automatically to another playlists, these are shown: My Secret Friend by IAMX (featuring Imogen Heap)
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Album: Kingdom of Welcome Addiction Year: 2009
I'm Alive by Shinedown
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Album: Avengers OST Year: 2012
We Are Golden by MIKA
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Album: The boy who knew too much Year: 2009
Ain't No Rest for the Wicked by Cage the elephant
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Album: Cage the elephant Year: 2008
Passive by A Perfect Circle (piano cover by Peacocksinvasion)
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Album: eMOTIVe Year: 2004
I'm not your boyfriend, baby by 3OH