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Made in Norway


The song "Northern Sun" is Karin Krog's tribute to Norwegian nature mythology which figures so importantly to most of her fellow countrymen.

Bugge - Tord - Sigurd - Solveig - Silje - Ketil - Terje - Karin
You meet them all - here, and under the midnight sun!
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5 comments on Made in Norway

Liked your mix very much, you put together all my favs, Bugge, Solveig Slettahjell, Karin...
Special mention to the composer and pianist Ketil Bjørnstad that I like and admire for a long time. You are lucky, the norwegian jazz is so fine to listen to during those cold winter-days.☃.❄.☃
Merci !

Appreciate your comments. Yes, lamb's wool, warm glow, and cosy local quality jazz brighten up the dark days. Ketil Bjørnstad, yes, have been there for decades, his mood is very romantic. He is a stable novel author too.