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Tones for a lazy nightwalk


'What the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship'
- Mailyn Monroe in her last interview August 1962
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12 tracks
2 comments on Tones for a lazy nightwalk

This was exactly what I was looking for, my word they are perfect! How soothing & stunning. I am so grateful to be introduced to artists like this, thank you so much for creating this collection!

Your nightwalk was wonderful. You got me with Antonio Faraò on the first tune. Special mention to Charlie Mariano and the beautiful album My Marilyn from D K.
And I ordered The Cole Porter Mix from Patricia, a big lack in my collection.
Merci !

A joy to read your comments! You pinpoint my favorites, too! The My Marilyn CD do have an extraordinary delicate wrapping,too. The Cole Porter Mix is, as far as I feel, one of her very best, so yes, glad you ordered it!