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Cat Parents


Eeeeeeey, this playlist goes from Jumin being annoyed with 707 to Jumin soon overflowing with love for him. >-> Tho, the last song might suit his "possession"

I still have a headcanon that Jumin would fall in love first in this ship--

artist of this fanart is: https://twitter.com/kzgm_t

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This ship is so unpopular & I don't get why? Like, by my headcanon it kinda started out as a no-strings-attached kind of thing but Jumin pretty quickly grew feelings once he realized Seven actually is charming in a nerdy kinda way. & Seven, after a lot of conflict & inner struggling let himself eventually accept Jumin's love.

Also Story of A Girl is broken. 8Tracks has been breaking a lot of tracks for no reason lately, I'm struggling because of it.

This was a delight to listen to, I love this ship and I loved all the songs and I'm so happy this exists

@jupiterex Awwwww ;^; Thank you so much!!! I really tried hard on this. I have another playlist of this ship + making another soon! c: