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chemmy chura kobi san* didi arigatou listening to this beautiful mix again now:) so many wonderful artists & music on here:) me, had been listening to Jerry Leonide's album 'The key' recently. didi madloba chemoai*

i've uploaded something for you..come on darlin':))
"under the tree" mix..the second from the top:)..for your next Sunday, kobi:)
already 19:30 there?:)) 0:30 here..tkbili sizmrebi ertad:))xoxo
thank you so very much for your beautiful heart & ULs dearest kobi*

I can't express how grateful I am♡ Thank you so very much dearest kobi :)
Love all of them..
How do you know so much about music, Kobi? You are mysterious...:))
For any reason, I love yours kobi:)

Still listening...now playing 'In The Country'...
Thank you so very much again dearest kobi :)xoxo
Wish you a relaxing & peaceful day♡

so happy you love :) it was created for you dearest Aki
nothing is mysterious i just love music very much, it is my heaven in the earth(mostly hell)
love & respect <3

It is my treasure to have met you, kobi. I've been learning so many things...You mean a lot to me. :)
Sometimes life is hell, hahaha..but music makes us happy ;)

you touched my heart dearest kobi.
much love & respect♡

lots of beauties...really...

My treasure too :) i feel your beautiful soul and love your taste and it means a lot to me as well dear
big tight hugs ...xox