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2 comments on Christmas

mmm automatically smile when i listen to this mix kobi:))
i'm having a good lunch time with your Christmas collection. thank you very much again:)))

Happy to hear that <3
your Xmas present is such beautiful that i listened it many times and just imagine you near me in my mind :)
btw you have not only kirei kokoro but beautiful kind eyes too
bednieri gimilit (with happy smile) ...xoxoxox

feel the same, kobi:) the physical distance is not the problem;)
i've learned a few words btw...shen da me...:))
arigatou kobi. bednieri gimilit:))xoxoxo

sansei shi masu ;)) distance and time not for us just shen da me ;)
like your Georgian very much hon :)
anata wa tokubetsu desu ... xoxox

btw, thank you so very much for the beautiful Georgian song, kobi:)) good for my lesson, beautiful tovli clip. i could understand the lyrics:))..(google translate) i know you're staying warm, kobi;). i hope i can blip soon.:))xoxoxo

hello dearest kobi:)

thank you so very much for your lovely message & beautiful music.:)) it's a little bit late for blipping now...so i'll reblip tomorrow:)

btw, very beautiful mix...LOVE it:)))
Christmas in Japan is a little different from Christmas in your country (in Japan, like a festival...i think) but we enjoy celebrating Christmas:))

After listening to Sixpence None the Richer (love it!:)), i go to bed, i'm sure:))
See you tomorrow dearest kobi.
I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. lots of love & smiles:)xoxo

i understand Japanese people are not Christians but for me every religions is the same in substance just different in forms
Christmas is my most fav holiday and love many Xmas tunes
Leigh Nash' angelic voice(vocal of Sixpence None the Richer) fits Xmas songs very well, love her "Riu Riu Chiu" also
always make me happy to read your sweet comments and to see you anywhere dear :)
btw you inspired me to start Xmas theme on blip :D
tight warmest hugs my dear
sleep well and hope having lovely holiday dreams :)

aw, yes:)) i totally agree, kobi....i'm talking about Christmas and Leigh Nash:)))

kobi, can you close your eyes just a few minutes?:)
i made a new mix, a present for you. i thought you might like it:))
წარმატებულ დღეს გისურვებ :))xoxoxo

its such beautiful like your kokoro my dear Aki still listening :))
amazing present just have not words to thank you again sweetie
so happy to feel it and think you know as well your sweet kokoro and everything from it makes me happy too
どうもありがとうございました 私の甘い心 hope it's correct ;)
დიდი სიყვარულით და პატივისცემით XOXOXOX

you always write correct sentences, kobi:)))

i'm very happy to hear it♡
sending you looooots of love and respect dearest kobi:))xoxoxox