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thank you so much for sharing such beautiful tunes dear kobi.
a magnificent mix! :))) fits my morning but i'll come back late night, too.
i should have come here earlier ;)
btw, this is my big favorite station. (for classical music) http://ottava.jp/
you might like this...have a beautiful day my dear kobi♡

You are sooo welcome my dearest Aki :))
so pity it does not play here :( of course i'd like it because i love your taste
thank you very much for your sweet notes, kindness as always
the very best and big hugs sweetie :)

aww გმადლობთ my dearest kobi♡:)
that's a real shame, but that's life ;)
anyway, i'm coming back, listening to yours again now :)) it's been a long day today...so, your music has helped me a lot :)) thank you so very much.
i saw that you were/are a swimmer...a few days ago. so cool!! :)) i can't swim well.:) but i often go to the beach...just people watching..or..for reading / listeing / eating (BBQ party!) :)
well, i'll make a 'late night' mix (my favorite classical music)...:)) if you have a time, pls enjoy my dearest kobi :) i must say you inspire me a lot.
oyasumi nasai, kobi...*means 'good night' in japanese* xox:)
ps.: loving 'Piano Concerto No.2 in C minor, Op.18' so much..

i'm loving 'Concerto for Piano and Orchestra no.2 in F minor, op.21 - 2. Larghetto' too :) how so very beautiful? kobi:))

どういたしまして sweet Aki
we have very similar taste and i love them too :)
great news and looking forward your classical mix, i am sure i'll enjoy much <3
i was swimmer but not now( too old for active sport 43y) if i have time swimming for pleasure now :)
お休みなさい ;)) thank you for teaching
ღამე მშვიდობისა in georgian

have just done, sweetest kobi :)xoxo
you are not old, kobi:))) *age is just a number* :)) my favorite djs are older than me (my guess) but age isn't Important for me. *wink*

i wish i could swim like you...just like a dolphin:)
ღამე მშვიდობისა my sweetest kobi:)xoxo

PS. thank you for letting me know 'ღამე მშვიდობისა' :D
i must / want to learn Georgian-language xox ;)

Ahh today :))) i will listen to it right now Thanks sooo much honey
you are right it is just numbers and i am not feeling old age but i mean old for active sport now just swimming for pleasure only ;))
you know its much better to do something only for pleasure and not for result
dolphin is my most fav animal but cannot swim so fast like dolphin especially now :)))
great idea to learn languages and in case help each others ;)
ok i want to go to your mix
どうも有難う御座います with big hugs and kisses

Wow so pleasant to my ears and close to my soul Aki your first track is fantastic LOOOOOVE it, i will have great time tonight <3
thanks to you
p.s. for your Geogian course ;))
hope you like


You're totally right darlin' heart :)) Swimming is your life?:)) i can't take breathing =) big problem for swimming. but kobi, when i'm listening to beautiful tunes (like In un'altra vita John Lenehan), i feel like swimming in the sea...freely...like a dolphin:)) i love dolphins, too :) would like to go to 'Monkey Mia' (Australia) someday.:))

and, thank you so much for the link:)) only the wind knows the answer *wink*:) very beautiful song...absolutely new for me, LOVELOVE it:))) love your way, very nice course :D

i really enjoyed myself, had a beautiful time...დიდი მადლობა ძალიან, აქვს ლამაზი დღე dearest kobi :)) *გვიყვარს და პატივს ვცემთ*xoxo

Happy Tuesday sweet Aki
yes i simply love swim like love music and when listen to i can even fly fluently as a bird without wings as if i am weightless ;))
unfortunately never been in Australia but like this beautiful country and sure i would love to go there :) and be your swimming teacher :D
so glad you like and here is another course for you dear ;))
楽しむ xoxox

*you are like a proud bird* kobi.:)
this course is very difficult for me! but i truly enjoyed this wonderful song & sand art...:)) is this a Georgian music? love to discover new music :))

btw, i had worked at airline company kobi. (as a ground staff..not CA). i like to watch an airplane so much, and i still have flying dreams :))

Australia is a wonderful place to visit, kobi :)
Ok, i'll take your class :D
დიდი მადლობა თქვენი ლამაზი გული xoxoxo

yes this is Georgian song
love to discover tunes of variety genres from all over the world too :)
as for Australia absolutely agree with you and i think for living as well because it is really free and fair country unlike my country
thank you my dear Aki for your sweet words, kindness, heart tunes and many others.....
anata wa totemo shinsetsu desu ;)

yes kobi, Australia is a perfect place to live, too :)) i used to live in Melbourne..it's a beautiful city.

thank you so much for everything my dear kobi:))) see you on blip, too!