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with my legs up, i´m revising for my tomorrow´s test and thinking about all the cows and goats and how school is going to be over one day and I hope to see you, in Berlin, in Nebraska, it is gonna be fun even if we ended up writing letters as old grannies. for some reason I still have this nice picture, always even after so many people who I have met, so many internet friendships that have faded away ... at the moment, I´m taken away. how lucky I´m for meeting. thank you so much for your mix! thank you. I will need it, those exams are already killing me. it seems like the hardest part is not to give up.

it is a lovely thing to think about, isn't it? i pray that your exams go well! i've got them coming up as well, one as early as tomorrow. such stress and despair. but i will always be glad to know you, and one day YES i will be seeing you! <3