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wipe yourself off the face of the earth.


"time has proven that fooling yourself into believing a lie is the most effective way to deal with things you have no control over"

[Warning: The last few songs contain references to depression, isolation, and self hate. There's a reference to alcoholism in the 14th track.]

When your inferiority complex & paranoia convince u that your fp secretly Hates you and is Laughing at you and is going to Abandon you, and nothing they can say will convince u otherwise, so u just need to crumple on the floor and wallow in self pity until you can dissociate the bad shitty brain feels away :/

pls take this anxious trainwreck of a playlist //shoves it at u n runs
Also Thank u!!!! @ everyone who appreciated that last mix, and helped it reach gem status holy crap??? wow

15 tracks
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