kone megane
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Let Me Hear Your Voice.


a JolKs music mix consisting of songs Nanjolno likes or would like.

guess who made a jolks or "what happened to my punk music taste" mix. the things i do for nanjolno, wow...

these songs are from artists nanjolno likes the most...boybands and really mellow pop singers. yes, she likes boybands. also some songs from artists i think she would like.. embarrassing, the songs here are. im so sorry... there's ballads bc she loves ballads. well she also likes malice but like yknow,

i have no idea what kussun likes but i think she likes bigbang- they both do, actually. disappointing. problematic

so anyway pls read this fic archiveofourown.org/works/5088160

last update 1/25/16, annotated. some jpop, some kpop, some cpop...i'll update every now and then.

14 tracks
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