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ULTRA 2012


All the hottest tracks from Ultra 2012! Both old classics and the newest tracks - and ONLY songs I have confirmed were played at Ultra! These are the tracks that blew up EDM or will soon (I have included some of the teasers of new tracks that were debuted).


Note: This is not meant to be comprehensive of everything and every set at Ultra, but more so a highlight list of all the songs that stood out to me from the sets that I heard.

66 tracks
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Hey guys! Ive been quiet on here for a long time, which I apologize for (working full time sucks haha). So, some updates:
I was going to make another mix for EDC Vegas! Because I was actually going to it this year. Alas, life happened and Im no longer going , so I plan on backtracking and making a Ultra playlist for you guys. Yes its a few months late, but I plan on making it extra awesome for you all. Thank you all for the support on my mixes, I did not expect them to be this popular and I am so happy to be sharing music with you all! With that popularity Ive noticed alot of spam to other mixes and other stuff in the comments. All such comments will be deleted.
Thanks again, and I will see you guys soon!