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Ultra 2013!


All the hottest music from the 15th anniversary of Ultra!

Notes: I actually attended Ultra this year, so this list is a bit more biased towards the sets I actually saw vs. what was on the live feed (especially because all of the live feed is not on youtube yet).
I also tried very hard not repeat any songs that were on my Ultra 2012 list, so if something you liked is missing that might be why.

Tell me what you think, and enjoy! Thanks loves.

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65 tracks
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Hey guys! Ive been quiet on here for a log time, which I apologize for (working full time sucks haha). So, some updates:
I was going to make another mix for EDC Vegas! Because i was actually going to it this year. Alas, life happened and Im no longer going , so I plan on backtracking and making a Ultra playlist for you guys. Yes its a few months late, but I plan on making it extra awesome for you all. Thank you all for the support on my mixes, I did not expect them to be this popular and I am so happy to be sharing music with you all! With that pooularity Ive noticed alot of spam to other mixes and other stuff in the comments. All such comments will be deleted.
Thanks again, and I will see you guys soon!