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I'm almost angry that he's known as the visual because people tend to assume his job is to look cute and do nothing. Hongbin has a gorgeous voice and I can't think of a single person who tried to teach themselves the guitar and didn't end up quitting, left handed at that! He's hardworking and talented. I can only hope that he'll get a chance to sing in the future in the same fashion that was Ravi composing Memory to show everyone how strong Hyuk's voice had gotten. Hongbin deserves recognition for his talents! He has a beautiful, deep, velvety voice and I wouldn't object to hearing more of it.

His voice is so wonderful Rich and full of emotion and he has quite a remarkable vocal range to be honest - from those every deep, nice and low notes to quite quite high and almost falsetto. Also in group performances he harmonizes so beautifully.I think Jellyfish should give him a solo track in the next full length VIXX album. His voice is just love.