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For Her {Rose/Pearl}

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@Konvoluted thats a cool interpretation. if you're a loch raven fan i HIGHLY recommend watching a live performance from this years tour if you havent already. they played an 11 minute version last weekend. I saw them play it live in chicago last feb :'). they played alvin row, bees, daily routine and kids on holiday too

@worldsendgirlfriend that's amazing! I actually saw AC live for the first time in May of this year in Detroit. it was incredible! When they started playing this really cool version of loch raven i almost cried!

@Konvoluted tbh I had no clue what aC song would be on it, I was not thinking the purple bottle. you fuckin shocked me with loch raven and vertical tho. the only thing wilder would be hearing april and the phantom or something

@worldsendgirlfriend ha that would be wild! Yeah, Loch Raven always calms me down and reminded me of being underwater for some reason? I thought it would show a different side of her imprisonment underwater. like...times of confusing, profound beauty along with horror? idkkk. I am really glad you are enjoying these, though!