Koori Hime
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another bloody fairy tale


"Once upon a time, on a dark and stormy night..."

This mix is dedicated to the darker sides of fairy tales. Not all of these stories truly had happy endings - but almost all of them had dark beginnings, middles, and ends.

Featuring artists such as The Birthday Massacre, Fever Ray, E Nomine and more!

20 tracks
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Thank you so much! I had fun making this mix and I always wanted to delve down the darker part of Fairy Tales seeing as how most of them don't actually have happily ever afters. Or at least they're not supposed to.

Me too! Especially when you consider how dark the original stories actually are/were in comparison to the ones we read and hear today! I feel as though your playlist was much closer to that place and gave a really interesting point of view! ^_^

I've been working on a few "literary" and thought-provoking playlists myself, but they take much more time and energy than the average playlist and I haven't had the right amount of time to solely devote to it. A few of them have been coming together slowly though. ^_^

Agreed. Playlists with specific themes are always the most trying for me. But I am always so proud of how well they come out! But yes, again, I am so happy to know you concur with my viewpoint on this mix as well as enjoyed it. I hope that I can continue to create mixes others enjoy.