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No chauvinism.


A long time ago there was an era of male chauvinist and rage.
Women were submitted as slaves and objects. Men fought country after country, taking and tasting women from all around the world
Barbarians, they called them.
The barbarian king would have her not caring what she was doing nor who was in sight. He would get drunk on her skin like some elixir. Rage kept her awake. She was tired of the world, of the abuses every single women had to suffer. It was when he lay beside her that she took the dagger out.
There was no time for him to react for she had already slit his throat.
"Women are a great mind" she whispered in his ear "we can make the world rise or crumble at our feet" When the last barbarian fell a new queen rose from dust.
If you thought the men were awful, women were worse.

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