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Gonna Make You Fall; A LeviMika Mix

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Holy shit this is so good, I have no idea where you even found half of these bands, but I loved all the songs. A Little Death is great cuz I imagine two soldiers sneaking into the same bunker. The beginning lines of You Are My Wilderness reminds me of the them fighting titans. Some of these songs are kinda tsundere which both of them would be. and a few of these songs have a feel like they might die the next day. It's cool that you somehow managed to find awesome songs that both matched the kinda romance they'd have and kept to the themes of the show. By the way soundcloud replaced your songs fyi, for example in the Up In Flames song a woman's voice kept saying "music on demand".

Thanks for telling me, I replaced all the soundcloud songs, so hopefully its okay now. I'm glad you liked the mix!