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i wanna be your morning baby

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@aira.f I'm glad you like it!! ^^ tbh I was a bit worried about mixing anime OSTs and kpop together but it makes me really happy that people enjoy it. thank you so much!!! c:

Can I have the playlist written out? because some of the songs cannot be found and I don't really know where to find it on youtube. The first song is ao haru ride movie. What song was meant to be on that nr 1? or was I meant to listen to the whole movie/soundtrack in the morning?

@sam-s-73024 i just added the tracklist to the description. sorry i don't really understand what you mean by "cannot be found". do they not play? o: also, the first song is actually called ao haru ride and its one of the songs from the ao haru ride soundtrack. i don't think the song can be found on youtube by itself, but should be playing only one song in this playlist..