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This playlist is awesome!! A lot of songs I already know and some I don't. Only complaint is that the version of Flyers! you have is just the short TV OP looped like five times, and not the actual full version (which kicks ass). But seriously, this is a great playlist, I'm cleaning my room to it, singing along and getting a bunch done!

First of all, this playlist is fantastic. I have discovered so many good anime openings/ending here that I will surely repeat for as long as I live (Etsuko omg). Secondly, you would not believe what a slap of nostalgia I had from listening to this playlist, especially when I heard Scramble. Like, a sudden flashback just popped in my head of me and my sister glued to the screen watching the last episodes of Tenma and that guy in the sunglasses with english dub. Oh my gosh. The phenomena I felt when I remembered that long lost anime (which is, by the way, now 10 years old waattt) in the back of my head with this song is something I cannot thank you enough for. Wow. Third, don't stop making playlists any time soon. Thanks. :)