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Judas the Betrayer

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I was SOOOO glad to see a fanmix of my fave TBOI cutie!! Thank you for making this! (Also I laughed really hard at the first song being Judas by Lady Gaga LMAO)

I love this list and the Cain one <3 Are you planing of doing more for the other characters? Btw for some reason in the monster song it sounds Alejandro instead??

@Obligatorysong I'm really happy you think my mixes are cool, thank you very much! I probably will make lists for the others at some point, you're free to suggest one if you have a particular character you wanna see :) As for the song mixup 8tracks likes to change the songs I upload to others whenever it feels like it and it's /very/ annoying, I'll fix it when I have time, thanks for the heads-up though!!

@Kracuurrn Oh, sweet <3 I would love to see Maggie or Eve , because really, I clicked them wondering how people could do fanmix about Judas or Cain and damn, the songs are so perfect! And yeah, wtf 8tracks