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Not What They Seem


There's a town out in the backwoods of Oregon that's full of mysteries. Nothing there is what it seems.

A playlist for the Stan Twins.

8 tracks
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ahhh yo this mix is amazing!!! I rlly rlly love it!~ <3.

also is it like customary for every gravity falls mix to have the theme song in it?

@nizhniii I don't think it's customary, but many people do put it in. If I were to make a list, it would probably include it just because it's really one of the only songs unique to the show that everyone recognizes right away. There are variations out there, and many people chose a variation of the theme depending on the theme of the playlist.

I was thinking about how I Bet My Life would be perfect for them, cause it would go both ways! They both took paths they probably didn't want for the other (grifter/conman whose been in jail multiple times and becoming paranoid/obsessed ), and it just FITS so much! This entire mix is awesome, I love it!!