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TTT #28: One You Know/One You Don't: Decades Edition


This is a mix from my blog Each Thursday I release a mix of music I dig and post it under the titular title Thuper Thong Thurthday.

It is a very eclectic collection that will only get weirder with time. Enjoy =)

10 tracks
2 comments on TTT #28: One You Know/One You Don't: Decades Edition

why cant it be the 60s again? if i could go back into anytime, itd be the 60s, to watch The Beatles play. Ive Just Seen a Face is a song me and my dad play on guitar and sing together. its a very special song to me. thank you for this mix.

No problem! I definitely understand the feeling. While I didn't live in the 60's, my mother has told me my entire life that I was born in the wrong decade. The 60's had the best music, hands down.