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✿ Cream rose tea ✿

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I am so glad I clicked on this playlist. First of all, great choice for the cover, it's really beautiful and definitely cute! Second, this is such a fabulous playlist. Like, I really love it. From someone you doesn't listen to j-pop much [all my background knowledge is from random discoveries of artists I make, from friends, or from anime haha) I was sosososo glad to recognize a few artists like Perfume, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Egoist (I love her voice soooo much I can't. Have you heard her songs for Psychopass because DAMN she slayed me and I suggest you hear it if you haven't. But yeah, wow thanks so much for adding them), along with a few songs like the Madoka Magica song (I actually finished the anime a few weeks ago and dem feelz man) and the Venus to Jesus song(I actually heard this on another 8tracks playlist and lovedddd it, great choice). Overall, I extremely enjoyed this playlist, which has now encouraged me to catch up with J-pop lol. Great job!

@musicuptheluna omg thank you sooooooooo much! i'm really touched and glad one of my playlists recieved such a wonderful comment and, god, i don't even know if i deserve this. thank you again ♡

@kuroken Aww you're totally welcome! You absolutely deserve praise for such a great playlist and for being an amazing mixer! I think you have great music taste, from this to Marina and the Diamonds and Icona Pop (that I Don't Do Feelings playlist is awesome btw!), and I'm so happy you are sharing playlists for them. Thank you again for making this amazing playlist and thanks for replying! ^ . ^