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fangirling more like crying in a ball


everything is trash from phan, nayan cat, destiel till doctor who so god please i mean castiel please help me. but i think i might end up in hell so crowley please help me.
will you go down with this ship?
yes that´s titanic deal with it and never let go of jack

  • Egyptian Myths of The Afterlife (part 2) by Manly P. Hall
  • Hey There, Dean by motivatioff
  • Destiel by xbethjo
  • Dan and Phil song mashup by henessey-yay
  • Dan And Phil Theme by CaptainSteph
  • Nyan Cat Theme by Nyan Cat
  • The Doctor Who Musical Experience. FULL VERSION by WHO?
  • Batman vs Sherlock Holmes by Epic Rap Battles
  • Sherlock's Theme by I Am The Doctor
  • Do You Want to Build a Meth Lab? (Disney Frozen x Breaking Bad) by ANIMEME
  • In Summer [from the Disney movie, "Frozen"] by markexander
  • Pokémon Theme Song :D by ShesBailey
  • "Whistle Song" (Twisted Nerve by American Horror Story
  • Jabba The Hut By PewDiePie by Warren Linford
  • When John Watson Loved Me (Sherlock Fanmusic) by terryus_net
  • The Best OTP Song by Jenny Silsby
16 tracks
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I thought this would be a great playlist to keep me focused at work. No offense, but it's awful and keeping me focused. I almost got in trouble at work because I was laughing so much! Bless you this is wonderful! xx