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The Takeover mix


What World Dominators Rock Out To

  • Uptown by Drake
  • To The Top (Clean) by Omar Cruz / Frankie J
  • Runnin With Biggie (Tupac & Biggie Smalls Mashup) [DOWNLOAD LINK] by VRSC
  • If I Ruled the World (Imagine That) by Nas
  • MOBB DEEP by Mobb Deep
  • Shook (Sigur Ros vs Mobb Deep Remix) by Emancipator
  • Gorgeous by Kanye West
  • We Major (Acute Remix) by Kanye West ft. Nas
  • Blow Up (Prod. by J. Cole) www.iamcash.blogspot by J. Cole
9 tracks
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"Pac is a strong dude. Yo I know dude. Ya know what I'm saying? He real strong. So when they were like he got shot...I was like again?" - Biggie