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Winter Sundays

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c"Winter Sundays" by Kristen Spaulding in review: I think it's safe to say this playlist reflects the musical tastes of a down syndrome orphan. In other words - someone who will never be loved and has no talent at virtually anything. We begin with a random array of acapella in "It's a Blue World." It's elongated melancholic tone makes me feel like violently murdering whatever behemoth of a human being created this playlist. And if I had this person's address, I probably would. I would pump massive amounts of oxygen into the A/C units, getting the victim high and euphoric. With all the extra energy, they won't be able to sleep - which is the goal because I want this person to be awake and completely aware of what's happening. I shall arrive through a second story window and hide behind the shower curtain. I wait patiently until said victim uses the restroom. This is when I breath ever so shallow but still loud enough for the victim to understand there's someone else present. Before any escape attempt is made, I flash open the curtain to reveal myself (I am completely naked.) The face of horror displayed gets my adrenaline pumping and I launch at her full force. Instead of using sharp objects, I use a blunt brass knuckle allowing for extra bruising. I target primarily the victims face, because in all likelihood it's unattractive anyways. I continue hammering with my fists of fury until no sound utters out of the lifeless mass of flesh. Then I shit and smear it all over the walls along with the victims blood, writing "They made me do it." (a reference to a favorite movie of mine.) I use an un-original statement here to show that the victim is un-original herself, and we can infer this has a lot to do with her alleged "suicide," based on her obvious choices for a winter playlist. A family friendly ending to a terrible playlist. All serial killer jokes aside, the playlist is actually great and thanks for sharing. Love the glass animals song and tone of the whole thing. Please don't mention me liking this music to my Frat Bros as they will call me gay.