Kristinn Pálsson
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A Warm-Up for the Boogie Night...


Going out tonight...? Warm yourself up with these 25 ditties from the authentic disco era in the 70's and the early 80's...The music includes acts like Michael Jackson, Kool & The Gang and Chic...

25 tracks
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Not bad, but quite frankly a couple of your lesser known cuts are weak as far as listening goes. Kudos on this version of I Can't Stand the Rain though. You're big gaffe here is not Donna Summer song. I could say the same about the Village People too, but that's not necessarily a minus. Back to Donna though, She was the Queen of Disco and any number of her songs would have fit this mix like a glove. Lastly I know this is a matter of personal preference but much prefer Harold Melvin's verion of Don't Leave Me Way. In any case this mix is worthy of a lke. I just like mine a little better. :-)

Thank you and here's something from the same root: disco-your-guide-to-the-boogie-night#mix_set_id" rel="external">