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Pieces of peace and unprecedented quiet


Quiet and relaxing pieces of music collected throughout the years. Definite Bill Evans influence. Artists include Remler, Towner, Metheny, Abercrombie, Shorter, Wheeler, Coltrane, etc...
Part two is here: http://8tracks.com/kubeczko/peace-and-quiet-volume-2

30 tracks
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I heard the list once, but forgot to add it as a favorite. And then I spent quite a whole lot of time searching for it again. Couldn't rest until I found it again. And 1st thing I did was to add to favorites :P

Thanks for the mix and hope ur next list comes out soon !

Been listening to lots of jazz for over 30 years. This mix comes closest to my own tastes and predilections. There is simply so much music to listen to, and not enough time to listen to it all!! Thanks 8track and thank you Kubeczko for making the time.

Thanks kent. I really appreciate the compliment. This one was thrown together rather quickly but I am pretty happy with the result. I have several in the works and I'll let you know when they are finished.