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我带你去梦想之地 (i take you to the land of dreams)


a bittersweet mix of fresh, childlish and melancholic tracks to help sleeping or studying.

i would recommand you to play it when looking at an old photo books of your child memories or reading a fairy tale at lil kids or ur friends ♥

*** mix made with love & good vibeszszs ***

!! This mix contains a Pietoro (Da'vid/shito:aL) music !!!

  • La premieré porte by Pleur
    !!! ATTENTION PLEASE !!!! this tracks is a very important music to me. It is from the band Pleur, the band which came after to Da'vid/shito:aL (made of the same musician and singer), a wonderful 90's visual kei band whom all the songs were fairy tale themed and bright and beautiful and please. Take the time to listen to this tracks of them, at least. Thanks ♥
  • Goodnight Little Robot Child by Princess Chelsea
  • Suna no Oshiro (Music Box Version) by Kanon Wakeshima
  • Hurry, starfish by 折戸 伸治
  • Ice Reign by Princess Chelsea
  • Héritage (Freshline Remix) by College
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